Noxton 12 inch 2 Burner Built-in Electric Cooktop-Knob Control


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  • Knob-Controlled: Each knob manages a single burner, perfect for the elderly or those who prefer straightforward controls over complex functions.
  • High-Power: Offers rapid heating with 3000W output, requires 220-240V connection for faster cooking performance.
  • 9 Power Levels: Two burners with 1200W and 1800W individually, totaling 3000W, featuring 9 power levels for precise temperature control.
  • Safety Features: Includes residual heat indicator, overheating protection, and automatic shutdown for maximum safety. Works through far infrared heating with no electromagnetic radiation, suitable even for pregnant women.
  • Easy-to-Clean: Modern drop-in design with black glass surface, compatible with various cookware. Simple wipe clean with a damp cloth, comes with a cleaning tool for added convenience.


What's Included

electric ceramic hob

NOXTON Ceramic Hob

Noxton Ceramic Cooktop,240V Electric Stove Top with Knob Control, 9 Power Levels, Hot Surface Indicator, Overheat Protection, 12 Inch Built-in Black Glass Surface Hot Plate

electric ceramic hob

High Power, Fast Heating

Noxton Electric Ceramic Cooktop powerful induction two burners.

The total power of this 220~ 240v electric stove is up to 3000W, which is much faster than those low-powered stoves with plugs, saving your time when you are cooking.

Residual Heat Indicator

"H" will show which cooking zone is hot to touch. It will disappear when the surface has cooled down to a safe temperature.

Easy to Clean

Noxton 2 burner electric cooktop with black crystal panel, high temperature resistance, and easy to clean. No more worry about the kitchen clean.

electric hob cleaner
electric hob

Suitable Cookware

Noxton 12 inch electric burner uses 2 dual zone,which can use any kind of pot or pan, such as copper pots, iron wok, stainless steel pot, cookware, glass pot, casserole and ceramic pot.

2 ring electric hob

9 Power Levels

With 9 power setting, Noxton electric cooktop can meet all you needs : simmer, steam, sear, slow cook, deep fry, and boil can be easily achieved by 9 power settings.

Please enjoy your delicious foods with our ceramic cooktop.