Noxton 30 Inch 4 Burners Built-in Electric Ceramic Stove-Knob Control


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  • Protection Frame: With a metal rim, which better protects the glass surface from being damaged by hard objects.
  • Knob Control: Four independent knobs are suitable for the elderly or people with poor eyesight. 
  • 9 Power Setting: Electric cooktop 4 burners have 9 power levels, one of the burners is 1200W/2500W (5.43/9.05in).
  • Safety Function: It has the residual heat indicator, over-temperature protection, automatic shut-off and other safety features.
  • All Kinds of Cookware: Any material of pots and pans can be adapted to this electric ceramic stove top.


What's Included

NOXTON Ceramic Hob

Noxton built-in 30 inch 4 burners electric cooktop , glass protection metal frame, knob Control electric stove top.

Combining the advantages of high power, multi-burner, beautiful, multi-functional, and easy to operate.

built-in design

While the built-in design saves space, it is also more visually pleasing.

The 220v- 240v electric cooktop has no plug and require professional wiring.

Cut-out Size:730mm(28.74 in) x 490mm(19.3 in) x 54mm(5.12 in)

StoveTop Size:770mm(30.3 in) x 520mm(20.5 in)

Residual Heat Indicator

The residual heat indicator function will remind you when the heating panel of the 30" electric stove is still hot and you are not allowed to touch it or you will get hurt.

No Electromagnetic Radiation

Electric ceramic stoves heat up by infrared technology, unlike induction stoves, there is no electromagnetic radiation, and pregnant women can use them without worry.

Easy to Clean

The surface of the built-in electric cooktop is made of smooth, high-quality glass that is durable and easy to clean, and all you need for daily cleaning is a damp rag. A clean scraper tool is included in the package for cleaning.

High Power Cooktop

This 30-inch electric ceramic cooktop boasts four distinct burners, each crafted with varying power and sizes to cater to your culinary adventures.

9 Power Levels

Our 220V electric stove boasts burners with 9 adjustable power settings, allowing precision in your cooking.

Good helper

This electric cooktop especially suitable for large families, especially at Christmas, Easter and other family dinner days.