Noxton 30 Inch 5 Burners Electric Cooktop-Sensor Touch Control


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  • Faster Heating: It has a total power of 8400W to finish cooking in a shorter time.
  • Safe Cooktop: It have some safety features, such as Child Safety Lock; High Temperature Warning; Overheating protection function.
  • Smart Functions: The timer range is 0-99 minutes to prevent forgetting to turn off the induction cooker.
  • Drop-in Installation: The glass electric cooktop is built-in design, no plug.
  • Suitable for All Kinds of Cookware: This ceramic cooktop is very convenient that any material pot can be used for heating.


What's Included

electric cooker hob

5 Zones Electric Hob

Are you struggling with a stove that is too small and doesn't have enough burners? Or are you annoyed because the hob takes up too much space on your worktop?

Whatever your worries are, trust me, this 30-inch 220v five-burner built-in electric ceramic cooktop has the solution for you!

Child Safty Lock

If you have small children or pets in your home, a child lock must be a must-have feature for your cooktop.

This prevents accidental touching of buttons and accidental turning on of the electric cooker, which can be dangerous.

99 Min Timer

You no longer need to be waiting by the electric cooktop all the time waiting for it to turn off, after setting it you can go about your business and the stove will automatically stop working when the set time is up.

Pause Function

This feature of the 5 burners cooker allows you to pause cooking at any time to attend to urgent matters, and won't get in the way of what's important to you, which is very convenient!

Residual Heat Indicator

When the electric cooktop displays "H", do not touch the surface of the stove top as it is very hot and can be unplugged and allowed to cool.

Flexible Heating Zones

What about when you use a large or rectangular baking dish? Don't worry, our 30" hob has expandable areas to put down your cookware without uneven heating at all.

Suitable for Cookwares

Any material of flat-bottomed cookware is suitable for our 30 inch electric ceramic hob, such as stainless steel, iron, ceramic, and enamel.

electric cooker hob
electric hob
electric hob
electric hob cooking
5 ring electric hob
5 ring electric hob
5 ring electric hob

9 Power Levels

Our 30" electric ceramic stove with 9 levels of power selection is your good helper, the specific power selection can refer to the above picture!

The high power is accompanied by 5 burners, which makes it easy to cope with even when you need to cook multiple dishes for a festive family gathering.

electric hob cooking
electric hob

Built-in Design


This kind of 220v electric cooktop has no outlet plug, needs a qualified person to wire and install it according to the instructions.

Please check the size of your electric ceramic hob before purchasing.Stove top Size:30.3in(770mm)*20.5in(520mm)*1.7(44mm).Cut-out Size:28.38in(721mm)*19.3in(490mm).

All electric ceramic stoves are circulating heating, the burner will not always remain red, only open to maximum power it will always remain red state.