Noxton 30 Inch 5 Burners Ceramic Cooktop-Slider Control


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  • High Power: 8400W 5-burner cooktop for fast cooking.
  • Versatile Cookware: Supports various pot types without electromagnetic emissions.
  • Slider Control: Easy power and time adjustments for efficient cooking.
  • Multi-functionality: Timer, safety features, 9 power levels for diverse cooking needs.
  • Easy Installation: Install the 4 brackets on the bottom of the electric stove so that it doesn't require a hole to install.


What's Included

5 ring electric hob

30 Inch Ceramic Hob

Have you ever used a 30" high-power 5-burner electric ceramic cooktop? This Noxton electric stove will bring you a new cooking experience and you will realize what a really good electric ceramic cooker is like.

Child Safty Lock

Long press for three seconds to activate and all buttons of the electric cooktop are locked. A handful in keeping your kids safe!

99 Min Timer

Countdown to 99 minutes automatically shut off the electric cooker, no longer need to worry about forgetting to turn off the stove causing safety problems!

Pause Function

Pause the 30" ceramic cooktop at any time to answer the phone, go to work, or open the door for guests, giving you more cooking freedom!

Residual Heat Indicator

If the glass surface is very hot, the 30" built-in electric radiant cooktop will display "H", which is prohibited to be touched by hand.

Flexible Heating Zones

When you has cookware of various sizes, an expandable heating zone becomes necessary.

Even large rectangular cookware can be heated evenly by this 30 inch 5 burners electric cooktop!

Suitable for Cookwares

Unlike induction cooktops, ceramic cooktops can be used with any material, not just iron, so you no longer have to worry about picking the right cookware for your cooking!

electric cooking hob
electric cooking hob
ceramic electric hobs
electric cooking hob
electric hobs
5 ring electric hob
electric ceramic hob

9 Power Levels

There are 9 levels of power to choose from, the power of the five burners are 2*1200w,1800w,1100w/2200w, and 1100w/2000w.

Whether you want to fry, saute, simmer, bake, stew, or cook any ingredients in other ways, this 30-inch electric ceramic cooker will always satisfy your needs!

electric cooking hob
electric hob

Built-in Design


This kind of 220v electric cooktop has no outlet plug, needs a qualified person to wire and install it according to the instructions.

Please check the size of your electric ceramic hob before purchasing. Stove top Size:30.3in(770mm)*20.5in(520mm)*1.7(44mm).Cut-out Size:28.38in(721mm)*19.3in(490mm).

All electric ceramic stoves are circulating heating, the burner will not always remain red, only open to maximum power it will always remain red state.